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Pono Wellness

Signature Lift Facial Therapy

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Our Signature Lift Facial Therapy is an advanced, non-invasive anti-aging treatment that merges the elements of our Gentle Facial Massage with the PureLift Pro by The Recovery Lab. This professional-grade device activates and lifts your facial muscles, delivering a fuller and younger appearance in a mere 60 minutes.

The result? Your skin will be tighter, smoother and have a firmer appearance with reduced visible wrinkles in an instant and you will feel relaxed and refreshed.


𖥸 Non-invasive
𖥸 60-minute procedure
𖥸 Gua sha
𖥸 Gentle Facial Massage
𖥸 PureLift Pro by The Recovery Lab


𖥸 Quickly firms and lifts your facial muscles for a more youthful appearance after just one session!
𖥸 Minimizes eye puffiness and
𖥸 Enhances skin's radiance through improved circulation
𖥸 Boosts lymphatic drainage
𖥸 Detoxifying the body
𖥸 Leaves you refreshed

    Signature Lift Facial Therapy
    Signature Lift Facial Therapy
    Signature Lift Facial Therapy
    Signature Lift Facial Therapy
    Signature Lift Facial Therapy
    Signature Lift Facial Therapy

    Pono Wellness Standards

    • Derma Tested

    • Vegan

    • Cruelty Free

    • Consciously Created

    We nourish your skin, the natural way

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    “My skin had a healthy glow right after the treatment. Best thing about it is that their products did not irritate my sensitive skin! Overall, the experience was calming and relaxing after a whole day at work. “

    Lexxi G.

    “My facial was absolutely amazing! Pono Wellness gently lifts my skin. In just two sessions I can already see the difference. My face is already lifted and the facial itself is so relaxing you’d fall asleep. Would highly recommend it!”

    Kristine S.

    "The results are instant and amazing! If I could do it more than once a week, I would! I couldn’t stop looking at myself and appreciating the glow up!The massage was very relaxing as well. We tend to neglect our facial muscles and this massage was exactly what I needed after using my muscles after crying about my ex.”

    Tin R.

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